The Groomers


Located within the grounds of the Dogs & Cats Home, ‘The Groomers’ is a self-contained grooming salon staffed by our dedicated, professional groomer. All types and cuts are catered for. If you would like to arrange a free consultation please phone to arrange a time that’s convenient or call in during the Salon’s opening hours and we will be happy to have a chat about your requirements.

Call 01942 671215 to arrange a consultation or to book your appointment.

Guideline prices*

Bath & Blow Dry:     £10.00 to £20.00

Full Groom:

Small Dogs – £25.00 to £35.00 

Medium Dogs – £30.00 to £45.00

Large Dogs – £40.00 to £60.00

Nail Clipping only just £5.00!

*Please note that some breeds/coat types will attract a higher price. You will be given a tailored quote on booking.

The Groomers is open from:

10.00am until 4.00pm  on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays & Sundays

12.00 noon until 6.00pm on Thursdays


Opening Day!

Ready for the first appointment……


This is Milly

Milly is a regular visitor to us here. She was ready for her pamper session and loves to see our groomer! All fresh and ready for Spring! 

This is Ben

Ben is a frequent boarder here and has his regular ‘tidy-ups’ at The Groomers. This time it was just a straight forward, no fuss clip to get him ready for the warm weather.

Lassie was looking for a new home and visited our groomer for a pamper and spruce-up so she was looking her best for her new owner!

Humphrey the ‘Poochon’ came for his first puppy groom with our groomer. He was an absolute delight to work with and his owner was really pleased and amazed at the transformation!


‘Max’ and ‘Clyde’ are regular visitors to our groomer for their pampers!


‘Snowy’ came to us as his owner couldn’t keep him. His coat wasn’t in a bad condition but Our groomer made sure he looked his best before he started looking for his new home!

This little one came to us as a stray in a pretty poor state. Since nobody came forward to claim her she was tidied up and had her sore skin treated. Now called Chelsea she is living it up in a new home.

This little guy came into the Home in desperate need of a de-shed. Our groomer did a great job making him look like a cat again!

These 2 cuties just wanted a spruce up! No job is too small!

‘Max’ is a regular visitor with his brother. When the weather got really warm his owner wanted to get them clipped close so they were a bit cooler. They both looked very smart and were more comfortable after their visit to our groomer. 

‘Fallon’ needed a good groom and de-shed. He looked, and felt, loads better after his visit.

‘Daisy’ was rehomed a few months ago and came back to see our groomer to get tidied up again. She’s doing great with her new owner and looks all posh again now.

‘Maggie’ is a regular boarder and a regular visitor to our groomer for her groom. 

‘Bobby’ comes to see us on a regular basis. Although it is unusual to clip a retriever his owner likes to have him short, particularly in warm weather. We think he looks very smart after his hair cut.

‘Jake’ is a regular boarding dog. His owners likes him to have a bath before they collect him so he’s fresh for home. He loves the attention and is always well behaved for our groomer.

‘Charlie’ is another of our groomers regular visitors. Here he is after his latest pamper session.

‘Sprout’ was taken from a Rescue and was in desperate need of a tidy up. Our groomer didn’t want to over-face him on his first visit to The Groomers so he had a nice bath and his mats brushed or cut out to make him a little more comfortable.


‘Angel’ was kenneled with us by the Police for a short while. Her coat was in a very poor state so our groomer de-matted her as soon as she could to make her comfortable. When the Police asked us to find her a new home our groomer could give her a proper pamper and make her beautiful, ready for her new owners.  

‘Charlie’ & ‘Ozzie’ come to visit our groomer regularly to keep on top of things. It’s always nice to see these boys.

‘Cooper’ was holidaying in the kennels and he just had a visit with our groomer to freshen up before he went home.

‘Beenie’ and ‘Fluffy’ were brought in by their owners for a de-shed ready for the summer. It’s amazing how much of their coats could be removed! Despite the looks on their faces they were both really well behaved and must feel better now.

‘Daisy’ was looking for a new home. She had a pamper session with our groomer to make sure she was looking her best for her new family.

‘Izzy’ stopped by for her regular groom and now she’s looking beautiful again!

‘Sam’ was brought in to be found a new home. He had knots down to his skin so had to be sedated to get them out. He was originally a little grouchy, likely because his skin was sore but after his groom he was a lot happier. Having the vets on site means this was much easier and safer for Sam.

‘Max’ looking very smart after his visit to our groomer!

Some of these dogs show how important it is to keep on top of grooming your pets. There are some breeds that need more attention then others, and unfortunately some dogs and cats can get to the stage where they have to be completely shaved to start again.

There are many ways to have your pet groomed, from a bath to a complete clip and style or a little tidy up between grooms. Anything can help keep on top of their coats condition and keep your pet happy and comfortable.

Visiting the Groomers on a regular basis can also be beneficial to your pet’s health as a groomer can sometimes pick up on physical issues that you may not have noticed.

Please give us a ring or pop down with your pet  for a free consultation.