We take pride and satisfaction when the animals in our care are adopted into loving homes.

All animals for adoption are:

– Vet checked

– Microchipped

– Vaccinated (with at least their primary vaccinations if they have not been with us long enough to be fully done)

– Insured for 4 weeks

– Eligible for discounted vet fees for life

– We try to neuter as many of the adult dogs as possible before rehoming but in some instances we have not been able to get the operation done before a dog is rehomed. In this case we offer a Voucher (kindly provided to us by Dogs Trust) to have the dog neutered at a cost of £35.00 to the new owner. All stray dogs are offered with this subject to availability as we rely on the relevant Council providing them to us. Unfortunately the vouchers are not applicable to dogs that have been signed over to us by a previous owner but we will always offer discounted neutering for any animal adopted from the Home if needed. Thank you for your understanding.


Important information:

Some of the dogs looking for homes are strays and we do not know their history or habits.

Some of the dogs have come from homes. We ask as much information as possible from their previous owners to try and match them to new homes and are selective about what we take in but we are unable to guarantee the suitability of any dog.

We do not take in stray cats. All of the cats available for rehoming are unwanted or cannot be kept by their owner for various reasons. We are selective about what we take in and ask as much information as possible from their previous owner in order to find them a suitable new home.

All of the animals for rehoming are kept in our care indefinitely until a suitable new home or rescue place is found.

Please see the Dogs Looking for Homes and Cats Looking For Homes pages for pictures of the animals currently available for adoption.

Please read our General Conditions of Adoption for a little more information.