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Covid-19 Update

5th February 2021 – We will be looking to start rehoming the cats and dogs again over the next few days, starting with the cats from today and the dogs from next week. Thank you for your patience whilst we continue to work within the limits of what we consider safest for everyone involved.

The Government & DEFRA have announced that we are now able to rehome pets. However, in order to do this safely and in compliance with Government guidelines the way this will work is as follows:

There is still no public access to view the animals, please do not come to the Home to view as it is not permitted.

We have dedicated a page of the website to the procedure we are now following. Please follow the link below and make sure you are happy with the procedure before continuing as it requires a lot of the paperwork to be completed at home and emailed back to us. Unfortunately, if you are not able to comply with the procedure remotely you cannot be considered for adoption.

We are still here answering the phone for any enquiries but please bear in mind we are not IT experts – if you are having trouble completing our forms online we are unlikely to be able to help!

New Adoption Procedure

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