April Rehoming

This month we are pleased to have found new homes for 14 dogs and 7 cats.

Bernard found his new home this month

One of our older dogs was found a place with our lovely rescue partners

March Rehoming

This month we were very pleased to find new homes for 19 dogs and 3 cats.

We were especially pleased to see big lad Bruce find his new home after spending a bit of time with us getting well after arriving in a poor state.

We are also thankful to our rescue partners who found places for 3 dogs this month

February Rehoming

This month we rehomed 16 dogs and 6 cats.

We were pleased that Diesel found the right home after waiting for 3 months.

We’re also grateful to our Rescue helpers who found places for 2 of the older dogs who needed homes after their owner passed away.

December Rehoming

This month we were pleased to see 7 cats and 8 dogs go to their new homes in time for Christmas.

We are also thankful for our rescues who were able to take 2 dogs on for us.

July Rehoming

We were a little busier this month and saw 16 dogs off to their new homes as well as 3 cats. One dog was placed with one of our lovely rescue helpers and we were especially pleased to see Elkie find a new home after waiting patiently for a good few weeks.

We’ve seen Elkie a couple of times since she was adopted and she’s doing really well in her new home!