November Rehoming

This month we were a little quieter, rehoming 16 dogs, including one that went to Rescue, as well as 20 cats.

We were very happy to see Gelly go to a home after being in kennels for over 4 months.

August Rehoming

August was a very balanced month – we rehomed 28 Dogs and 28 Cats, including Kano the dog and Betty the cat, who had both been with us waiting for their new home since June.

Two of the dogs went to Rescues.

July Rehoming

In July we were able to send 23 dogs and 23 cats to their new homes.

Rodney was just one of the cats who went to a new home this month. He had been waiting for his new family for nearly 2 months.

We also saw 3 of our dogs go to foster homes through rescues. We’re very lucky to have good contacts in rescues around the country who will help us out with dogs that would otherwise be difficult to find the right home for.

June Rehoming

In June we found homes for 16 cats and 36 dogs.

We were really pleased to see Bella & Gizmo find their new homes after waiting for over 3 months.

May Rehoming

In May we rehomed 23 cats, including Big Lad, who had been waiting for his new home since March.

Last month we also found homes for 34 dogs, including Alex who had been with us for 2 months. We also had one dog who was kindly offered a place in rescue.

April Rehoming

In April we were happy to see 31 dogs go to new homes, including Rocky, who had been with us since December 2018 and was taken on by Rescue.

We were also able to find new homes for 20 cats this month, including Tiggy, who after failing to settle found her happy place on a farm.

March Rehoming

Last month we saw 32 dogs go to their new homes, including one that was offered a space at rescue and Rodger, who had been with us since November!

We also had 14 cats rehomed in March, including Stanley, who had been with us for over 2 months