Donating to the Home

It is a sad fact that there are still many stray dogs brought into us by the Dog Warden services in the surrounding areas every month. On average only 50% of these dogs are ever collected by their owners.

This means that the Home is left trying to find homes for several abandoned stray dogs each month. Thankfully, this number has decreased over time, but we still also get many requests on a daily basis to accept surrendered dogs and cats that need to be given up and found new homes for varying reasons.

All of the pets that are left in our care are checked over by a vet and vaccinated, microchipped and treated for parasites before they are ready to look for their new homes. They are cared for by our trained and dedicated staff for as long as it takes for the right ‘forever home’ to be found, no matter how long this takes.

Examples of just a few of the costs involved can be seen below.

When accepting a stray animal you never know what to expect. As well as day to day expenses we often receive animals that have unexpected vet bills, ongoing treatments and special nutritional requirements.

We are always very grateful to receive donations of blankets, towels and food for the dogs and cats.

If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so below.

We greatly appreciate your support.