We take great pride and satisfaction when the pets that have been in our care are adopted into loving homes.

All of the Dogs & Cats for adoption are:

– Vet checked. The Vet examines every pet before it can be rehomed. Any health issues are noted and addressed where possible. All of this information is passed to the pet’s new owners.

– Microchipped. If not already microchipped on arrival they will be implanted by the Vet before they are available for adoption. We will register the microchip to the pet’s new owners.

– Vaccinated. If they have not been kept up to date by their previous owner their vaccinations are started again. If they have not been with us long enough to complete the course, their full primary vaccinations will have been given.

– Insured for 4 weeks. All adopted pets come with 4 weeks free insurance through Petplan.

– Eligible for discounted vet fees for life. The new owner of any pet adopted from us will receive discounts on any treatment, routine or not, at All 4 Pets Vets for as long as the pet lives and is under the adopter’s ownership.

– We aim to have the majority of adult dogs neutered before rehoming (when appropriate), but in some instances this may not have been possible or practical. In these cases a special discounted rate will be offered if the surgery is undertaken at All 4 Pets Vets after the dog has been rehomed.

Important information:

Some of the dogs looking for homes are strays and we do not know their history or habits.

Some of the dogs have come from homes and are signed over to the Home by their previous owner. We ask as much information as possible from their previous owners to try and match them to new homes and are selective about what we take in, but we are unable to guarantee the suitability or behaviour of any dog.

We do not take in stray cats. All of the cats available for rehoming are unwanted or cannot be kept by their owner for various reasons. We are selective about what we take in and ask as much information as possible from their previous owner in order to find them a suitable new home but cannot guarantee how they will settle in a new environment.

All of the animals for rehoming are kept in our care indefinitely until a suitable new home is found or rescue place becomes available if we feel they cannot be placed in a private home.

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General Conditions of Adoption