Success Stories

‘Hi we adopted Gurlie 20th August this year I rang you a couple of weeks later as we were really struggling with her. Just wanted to let you know things have improved lots since that phone call to you. We’ve had 3 rescue dogs over the last 20 years so thought we could cope with anything. I want to let people know even experienced dog owners can sometimes find a rescue dog a challenge but perseverance and patience is needed in bucket fulls’

Ralph was waiting for a home for 3 months before he found his ideal match!

‘He was Ralph when he was with you but we’ve called him Dexter. He’s a fabulous dog and he’s settled in perfectly with his new big sister, it’s truly like he’s lived here all his life. He loves the beach but is still scared of the sea! He’s the perfect dog, so loving and friendly, well behaved and a delight to spend time with. We’re so glad that we found him!!’

Hi Guys and Girls as you can see I am very happy in my new forever home. Poor mummy is run off her feet as I keep her so busy. I still don’t listen to the word “No” especially when I’m playing, I like to bite, playful biting with my strong jaws it’s good fun to see how many bruises I can give out!  My fur is starting to grow back and my little sister actually likes me. I will keep you posted love and hugs Lola x

Simba (formerly known as Simon) came into our lives on 7th January 2017, after last year I went through a very rough patch and my anxiety of being alone quickly went through the roof I decided I wanted a dog to give company to myself and my 9 month old daughter. I know it’s risky getting a dog with a child but I saw Simba in the kennel and knew I wanted him, he was thin he was probably stressed as he got rehomed and brought back  Twice in the space if 24 hours I got to see him as Leigh cats and dogs home wanted to make sure I could have him around my young daughter. Anyway once home Simba became our very own best friend, he loves his food and his walks and his favourite toy is popping balls out of a ball pool! He is an extremely calm dog and makes our family so much more fun. He lies by the side of Tilly as she sleeps and checks on her. He’s so great with her and I can’t fault him as a dog he’s a fabulous companion. And he has finally reached his forever home. Here’s a few photos of the friendship created between Tilly and Simba.

Love the Armstrongs xxx

‘Nico’ came to us for kenneling after a police incident. He was in a very poor state when he arrived, severely malnourished and with a bad skin infection. He nearly didn’t make it but the staff worked with him and when the police asked us to rehome him one of the ambulance crew who attended the original incident took him on and gave him a new life.

The progress he has made is amazing and we are so happy for him and the second chance he was given!

Well thought I would check in so you can see how Bentley is settling in over 1.5years later!Bentley now has a brother for the past year called Eddie (tri colour).

We still can’t believe we found him at your home, waiting for his new family “us” to arrive.

As the pictures show he is a vital part of our family. He loves to snuggle up and dreams a lot yet more signs he is very happy.

We decided time was right to find another Beagle for Bentley to love! And it worked out well, they are inseparable! They love to eat play and sleep together.

I felt it important to share this as without your help he would not have a home with us.

Well he is the proud owner of a home and his daddies love him to bits.

He used to be called Eugene when we homed him from you.

He loves his name, he is all up to date with his health checks, injections and good stable diet!

The vet recently said how lovely he was and in great health. She loved his beautiful white teeth!

Well here we are another year almost over and my Bentley has me Gareth and Eddie to love, as we feel the love from him.

Thanks for letting us home him and hope your happy with the hello from Bentley the Handsome Beagle !

Stephen & Gareth
Oh and Eddie Woof

We adopted Molly (was Mavis), a 6 months old female Lakeland Terrier in November from the dogs home.  She loves meeting new people – mostly children – and sometimes can get a bit cheeky!  She currently knows how to sit and will also stay when she knows there’s a treat for a reward. She’s a great puppy.
from the Richmond family🐶

We adopted Rogan from you in May. He had a few issues in the beginning and we had to train him to do his business outside. But we are so pleased we adopted him from you, he is amazing. He’s doing so well and gets on brilliantly with our little girl.

Thank You for letting us have him we are thrilled.

I adopted Rio (was Milo) from you in the middle of October. He has been with me for 6 weeks now and has settled in well, already making a difference to my life. He likes barking whilst looking out of the window and getting him in out of the garden is hard work-we start obedience classes next week! A lovely little boy.

Hi guys my new forever family picked me up last week, I’ve settled in extremely well and we go to different places to walk every day, my favourite place is Pennington flash and haigh hall, thank you for taking care of me and merry Xmas from me and my mum.


Just letting you know the first evening seems to be going well with Charlie and Daphne. Thanks for everything xx


Hi everyone. …thanks for the call today to see how Milla….was Madison is settling in.  She’s an absolute star…who’s got her new big brother Barney well and truly wrapped round her little paw….double trouble cos they’re inseparable.    She’s fitted into the household so well…we wouldn’t be without her   ☺☺☺ as promised here’s some pics. ..
Dawn and Mark


Patch was adopted from the Home this summer.  She’s clearly settled into life in her new home very quickly and it’s great to see her so happy!


So Daisy boxer (aka Maddie) has been with us for 10 days (end of July). She has settled in really well and loves playing with her boxer sister roxy x


Yesterday i came in with my daughter and step son….we ended up taking Penny home, she is a little angel. I was worried about the cat and if she would get on with the horses….she loves the horses and walked every horse to the field with my husband……in our horsebox as if she owned it then played with the cat. She is amazing i can’t believe how much she’s settled in one day I’ve attached some pictures thought u might like to see them

  • Thanks Jan!


As promised photos of pip (now Otis) he’s settled in now part of the family he’s visited the grooming parlor an had a trim he can now see were he’s going lol


Here is Ollie the Border Collie.
We adopted Ollie the border collie from Leigh Cats and Dogs home around may time.
He is settled in very well and gets along with Missy our cockapoo really well.
– Thank you for the update Leah!


The McNally family just wanted to give you an update on how our new dog Finn has settled
in. We adopted him on 13th July this year and he was originally called Oscar. He is now nearly 12 months old and loves going for long walks in the countryside and enjoys playing with his monkey teddy we bought for him on his first day at home (although monkey doesn’t have much of him left!). Finn has really settled in well (as you can probably tell from the attached photos) and has learned a lot, especially with lead training. Although he can be very mischievous, Finn loves socialising with other dogs and humans, something which we believe he lacked whilst in the care of his previous owners. He is a great big bundle of energy and we wouldn’t change him for the world.
Thanks again for everything, and we hope lots of your dogs are just as lucky as Finn has been.
The McNally’s.

Corrie 3

Gwen the Westie

Just to give you an update on Gwen (The Westie) who we got from you 3 weeks ago. She has a new name now, she is no longer Gwen as she didn’t answer to it at all… This is now Corrie. She is doing really well, She has settled in no problem, is fantastic with other dogs and people and went on a ‘Westie Walk’ with 41 other Westies on Crosby Beach on Sunday afternoon… I’ve attached a few pics so you can see how she is getting on now, as you can see she is totally transformed from the underweight frightened little dog, she is now full of confidence and is loving life :o) Leandra & Tony (Wigan)


Queenie our longest resident today finally found her forever home we are so pleased that she has finally found a home!

We will look forward to seeing Queenie’s progress!!




HMatildaere is Matilda leaving with her new owner on Friday 13th November.





Milo and his owners

Milo was adopted from the Home as a puppy and is now a prize winning pooch on the Dog Show Circuit! “Lucky” was found abandoned in a compound with no food, water or shelter. She was picked up by the St Helens Dog Wardens and came to us in a terrible state, extremely underweight and covered in sores.

After some TLC from the staff here she was able to go to a new home. She is now doing REALLY well and the difference after just 4 weeks is amazing!


Oscar’s happy ending

This is Oscar. He came to us from the Salford Dog Wardens, who brought him to us under heavy sedation as he could not be handled.

His attitude was not the best when he first arrived but over the course of the next few weeks he mellowed a little.

Despite rumours being spread by some people that he was going to be put to sleep he has been found a great home with a very kind and knowledgeable St. Bernard expert in Lincolnshire, which is the best possible outcome for both him and us! As you can see he has made himself very comfortable!

Leila’s Long Journey

This young lady was spotted on our website by someone who had lost a similar dog and was hoping she was the one. She had mange when she arrived and although she had a lovely kind nature she was in a sorry state.

After sadly not finding her own dog, the lady decided she would take on our little Cocker Spaniel, now called Leila, and she now lives in Norfolk! Her mange has vastly improved thanks to the treatment she had with us and the ongoing care she is getting in her new home. She is also great company for the other dog at home who was pining for her lost friend. She still has a little way to go but we are very pleased with the results so far and the lovely home she has found.

Minnie the Diva



This is my Jack Russell Terrier, Minnie. As you can tell she’s a little diva, since adopting her in March I’ve taught her to sit, shake paw, lie down and bed. She’s a really loving dog and not to mention really nosy! She’s a big softy and the family loves her a lot, not to mention any visitors that come instantly fall in love with her. So thank you 🙂 – Shannon & Minnie



Henrys new family


Hi there, We adopted Henry from you about 6 months ago. We just wanted to let you know that he is doing great, we had him neutered and he has calmed down a lot. He’s settled in fine with our 6 year old and cat and is a very loving and affectionate boy who loves his cuddles, he even managed to sneak a place at the end of our son’s bed at night with those eyes of his! Thank you for everything Henry (now Cena, after our son’s favourite wrestler) is a much loved part of the family! Kind regards, Gill, Mark and Connor



 Roxie now Molly Roxie

Hello There! We thought you might like to see how the dog we got from you on 19th January has turned out. Your kennel name for her was Roxie Molly has settled down well and like all Lurchers is a true couch potato. All the Best Jean and Harry


 Bonzo now Oscar

BonzoWe adopted Bonzo a gorgeous 5ish month old stray. He is, even after this short period of time, very much part of our family and loved by our wider family – he is now called Oscar though he answers to Ozzie more often! He is doing well and is loving his toys and his bed (though his favourite place is curled up on mums knee) I have attached some pictures and will keep you updated with his progress We just wanted to thank you again. Elaine and Grant and Ozzie


Bentley and his new Daddies

Hi from Bentley who used to be called Eugene! He knows his name well and settled in well. Bentley is a handsome beagle and is spoilt! He eats a balanced diet, sees the vet for regular checkups, has his ears and nails tended to by a pamper company. Today is in his new house. We moved in a new home on 30th June 15 and since the move he has settled more. We started taking him to a place called the Dog Barn so he can play in a field with his friends! And he had made a lot of friends! Even our neighbours dog loves Bentley 2playing with Bentley! He was initially a little full on around children but with our help he is much more settled, however he is still very young and time will help calm him down. He is lucky that Gareth my partner only works two days a week and the days he works I’m off so Bentley has lots of interaction and most importantly love. We are thinking about getting him a brother or sister! Someone he can play with and not just us! So you will be seeing us back! We almost left the day we visited your sanctuary until he popped his head out and I just knew when looking at him, he was ours! Now Bentley is a member of our family just as much as we are and we love him very much. Thanks for letting us adopt Bentley 🙂





Thank you to Mr Dobson for sending us pictures of Nico looking very relaxed in his new home.





Cindy Cindy


Hi thought you might like to see photos of how Cindy’s getting on, she’s settled in so well and is well loved. So glad l gave an old dog a home. Wouldn’t be without her. Joanne.






Eddie Eddie

We adopted Eddie from you in 1999. Over the last 16 years he was to become a true friend and loyal little dog. He had jack russell/border terrier lineage and came with us everywhere. Sadly Eddie started to slow down over the last couple of years and we realised his arthritis was causing him great pain and we lost him in may. I still think about him every day. All we knew about his previous life was he was called”Rockie” his owner had died and apparently barked a lot( this didn’t prove to be the case ) Thank you for the service you provide. Ben