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June rehoming

Although we’re still adapting to the new situation we’re happy to say that this month we found homes for 17 cats and 13 dogs, including Bear, who had been with us since February, and initially had a lot of interest from people who thought he was a German Pointer, but this sadly dwindled when they realised he wasn’t! Hopefully this will be his happy ending.

May Rehoming

As we got clearance to start rehoming again this month we’ve slowly started getting back to doing what we love to do, finding new families for the cats and dogs left with us. It took some organising but we are happy to say we found new homes for 19 dogs and 13 cats in May. We also had 3 dogs kindly taken on by other rescues, including old girl Roxy, who was waiting for a home for 3 months.

March & April Rehoming

As it’s been a bit of a strange time for us and very little changed in April so we are catching up by putting March and April together.

During these 2 months we found new homes for 26 dogs and 9 cats.

3 dogs were also found places through our amazing rescue contacts!

February Rehoming

We were pleased to have found new homes for 24 dogs and a foster home with rescue for 2 others this month.

We were over the moon to see Kaiser go to his forever home after being with us for 7 months!

It was a quiet month for cats but 7 found their way to new homes this month.

January Rehoming

This month we rehomed 24 cats, including one which went to rescue, and 16 cats.

We were particularly pleased to see Chester find his forever home after 3 and a half months with us!

December Rehoming

December was a good month for the dogs here, with 41 finding new homes and 2 being helped by rescues. We were really happy that Penny found her forever home after being with us since August.

We were also pleased to find homes for 19 cats this month.

November Rehoming

This month we were a little quieter, rehoming 16 dogs, including one that went to Rescue, as well as 20 cats.

We were very happy to see Gelly go to a home after being in kennels for over 4 months.

August Rehoming

August was a very balanced month – we rehomed 28 Dogs and 28 Cats, including Kano the dog and Betty the cat, who had both been with us waiting for their new home since June.

Two of the dogs went to Rescues.