‘Benny’ 8 and a half year old male Doberman. Benny is looking for a home as his owner has just got a full time job and no longer has time for him. He hadn’t been with this owner very long either so it may be that he takes a little bit of time to settle again. He can be a little nervous when he first meets you but is friendly when he gets to know you. He won’t be able to go to a home with young children (teens and above as a guide). He went to a home on trial but was returned after 24 hours as he was unsettled – this ties in with the information already known so was unsurprising – please bear in mind that he will need some time to get used to his new home and family. He was also apparently very food orientated, which may be a help with training but care should be taken that food is not left around that he can get to.