Top Tips to Keep You Safe Around Dogs


  • Be careful near dogs that are eating or sleeping- DO NOT DISTURB 
  • Don’t ever tease a dog. They may not see this as a game and can become very frustrated.
  • When encountering a strange dog on its own – Stand still, cross your arms and look away. Do not run away but move away calmly.
  • Always ask the owner if you can stroke a dog if they are there – Don’t approach without the owners permission or if they are not around.


  • When meeting a dog for the first time let them sniff your hand first – then stroke gently.
  • Always be quiet and calm around any dog. Excited and boisterous behaviour can work them up too!
  • Dogs don’t like to be hugged and kissed even if you do. Even though you are trying to show them how much you like them they don’t always see this as affection.
  • All animals should be treated with respect and they will respect you.
  • Remember that all dogs have teeth! Even dogs that you know can sometimes be in a bad mood!grumpydog