About Leigh Dogs and Cats Home

forever dogLeigh Dogs and Cats Home is a Not for Profit Organisation and we have a No Destruction Policy for All Animals – we endeavour to find all dogs and cats suitable new homes no matter how long it takes.

Established in 1974 , Leigh Dogs and Cats Home provides care for dogs, cats and various other pets throughout the north west.


Leigh Dogs and Cats Home believes that there is a suitable home for every dog and cat, a home where they will be loved, cared for and respected for all of their life.


Our aim is to provide a shelter where the dogs and cats that are brought in to us can feel safe, where they are warm and well fed and can be kept until either their owners come to collect them or they can be found a kind loving home.


We work tirelessly 365 days a year to care for the many stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats that come into our care.

Everybody involved at Leigh Dogs and Cat Home is passionate about Animal Welfare.

We treat all animals and people with respect.

Each animal is treated as an individual and is given every care and attention necessary to suit its particular needs.

All of our staff and volunteers are highly committed.



vet_logoMore recently, The Vets @ Leigh Dogs and Cats Home was established which helps to  provide the best possible care to all animals that come through the doors.

This is a Private Veterinary Practice open to everybody for all of your pets health needs, including vaccinations, ID chipping, x ray and full range of diagnostics.

Why not bring your Pet to meet one of our friendly caring Vets.