Bentley and his brother!


Well thought I would check in so you can see how Bentley is settling in over 1.5years later!
Bentley now has a brother for the past year called Eddie (tri colour).
We still can’t believe we found him at your home, waiting for his new family “us” to arrive.
As the pictures show he is a vital part of our family. He loves to snuggle up and dreams a lot yet more signs he is very happy.
We decided time was right to find another Beagle for Bentley to love! And it worked out well, they are inseparable! They love to eat play and sleep together.
I felt it important to share this as without your help he would not have a home with us.
Well he is the proud owner of a home and his daddies love him to bits.
He used to be called Eugene when we homed him from you.
He loves his name, he is all up to date with his health checks, injections and good stable diet!
The vet recently said how lovely he was and in great health. She loved his beautiful white teeth!
Well here we are another year almost over and my Bentley has me Gareth and Eddie to love, as we feel the love from him.
Thanks for letting us home him and hope your happy with the hello from Bentley the Handsome Beagle !

Stephen & Gareth
Oh and Eddie Woof