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Doggy Spa Days!

You can now book your four legged friend in for a full ‘Spa Day’!dog-spa

They will spend 20 minutes with our Hydrotherapist Lisa having a work-out before going next door to see Ashleigh for a bit of pampering!


£25.00 for hydrotherapy + bath and blow dry

or from £40.00 – £50.00 for hydrotherapy followed by a full groom!

Call Reception now for more information and to book a session for your pooch!

Hydrotherapy up and running

Water Walkies, the Hydrotherapy Room, is up and running and the first clients have already wet their feet!

Remember, your first session is FREE!

Call now to book or to speak to Lisa, the hydrotherapist to discuss the potential health benefits to your pet.

Hydrotherapy Opening Monday!

Opening on Monday 26th September

Water Walkies @ Leigh Dogs & Cats Home

State of the art UNDERWATER TREADMILL – beneficial for Pre- and Post-operative conditions, Arthritis, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Spinal Problems, Shoulder Problems and other mobility issues including weight management……

……or why not just bring your dog for a little extra exercise?

1st session free (includes full assessment of your pets requirements by qualified vet/vet nurse/hydrotherapist).