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Wonderful Winifred

Guess who?


No, it’s not a Great Dane in disguise or a stunt double………Winnie came back for her post-neuter check-up with the vet today. We are happy to report that all is well both health-wise and in her new home. Her new owner is thrilled with how quickly she’s settled so far and she already has her place in the bedroom! We look forward to seeing her progress in the years to come. Great to see you all today!

Madison – now doing Milla-arvellously!


Hi everyone. …thanks for the call today to see how Milla….was Madison is settling in.  She’s an absolute star…who’s got her new big brother Barney well and truly wrapped round her little paw….double trouble cos they’re inseparable.    She’s fitted into the household so well…we wouldn’t be without her   ☺☺☺ as promised here’s some pics. ..
Dawn and Mark

Brenda the Bull

                                                                   Remember me??

Leigh/Wigan area - 348

On September 9th this lovely Bulldog type dog came into us through Leigh & Wigan Dog Wardens. She was ID chipped but unfortunately the chip just simply wasn’t registered and no one came forward to claim her. She stayed with us a little while after her seven days as she was under going treatment for her ears. Once she was deemed well enough she went straight up for adoption.

And on September 20th her new owners arrived to try ‘Brenda’ as we named her with their own Bulldog Type dog and they got on fantastically. So they decided to go ahead with adoption.

‘Pepper’ as she is now called has settled in straight away in her new home!

We shall look forward to keeping in touch with Pepper’s new owners and keeping an eye on her progress! We would like wish Pepper and her new family all the best for the future!

Ollie the Collie


Here is Ollie the Border Collie.
We adopted Ollie the border collie from Leigh Cats and Dogs home around may time.
He is settled in very well and gets along with Missy our cockapoo really well.
– Thank you for the update Leah!

Finn fits right in!

Thank you so much to the McNally’s for the update on Oscar (now Finn) who sent us the note below!


The McNally family just wanted to give you an update on how our new dog Finn has settled in. We adopted him on 13th July this year and he was originally called Oscar. He is now nearly 12 months old and loves going for long walks in the countryside and enjoys playing with his monkey teddy we bought for him on his first day at home (although monkey doesn’t have much of him left!). Finn has really settled in well (as you can probably tell from the attached photos) and has learned a lot, especially with lead training. Although he can be very mischievous, Finn loves socialising with other dogs and humans, something which we believe he lacked whilst in the care of his previous owners. He is a great big bundle of energy and we wouldn’t change him for the world.

Thanks again for everything, and we hope lots of your dogs are just as lucky as Finn has been.
The McNally’s.

Bailey pops in to say hello!

It was nice to see Bailey yesterday. He called in with his owner to say hello BAILEYand let us know how he’s been since going to his new home almost exactly a year ago!

He is definitely keeping his owner busy and doesn’t seem to like to stay still (hence the slightly fuzzy photo!) but he is very much loving his life since he was adopted and Bailey and owner are both very happy!

Greyhound Gap does it again!

We would like to thank Greyhound Gap for kindly offering a place to another one of our guys that needed a change of scenery. She went off to start her life in a new home yesterday.delilah

It is also fantastic to see Delilah, one of the girls that they took on a little while ago, out mixing it up with the stars! Thank you so much for the updates and please keep them coming!


Benny (Previously Tyler)

Here’s Tyler adopted from us 04/10/15 now known as Benny. His new owners Beth and Aaron say he’s had such huge impact on their lives! We’re so happy to see him looking so fit and healthy and thriving in his new home!


We’ll look forward to keeping in touch with Benny and his new family!


0002Here’s an update on Bruno the American Bulldog adopted from us on 21/01/2016 we are so pleased to see him settling into his new home and going out for long walks with his wonderful new owners.0000

0001Bruno was brought into us on the 16/06/2015 so after being with us for quite a while we are so pleased he found his forever home.

We will look forward to keeping an eye on Bruno’s progress and staying in touch with his family!

We want to wish Bruno and his family all the best for the future!