Finn fits right in!

Thank you so much to the McNally’s for the update on Oscar (now Finn) who sent us the note below!


The McNally family just wanted to give you an update on how our new dog Finn has settled in. We adopted him on 13th July this year and he was originally called Oscar. He is now nearly 12 months old and loves going for long walks in the countryside and enjoys playing with his monkey teddy we bought for him on his first day at home (although monkey doesn’t have much of him left!). Finn has really settled in well (as you can probably tell from the attached photos) and has learned a lot, especially with lead training. Although he can be very mischievous, Finn loves socialising with other dogs and humans, something which we believe he lacked whilst in the care of his previous owners. He is a great big bundle of energy and we wouldn’t change him for the world.

Thanks again for everything, and we hope lots of your dogs are just as lucky as Finn has been.
The McNally’s.