Stray Reclaim Fees

The following amounts are set by the relevant Local Authority. Each Authority makes a different charge which is determined solely by them.

If you have an issue with the fee for any reason, please contact your Local Authority. Leigh Dogs & Cats Home cannot alter or waive Council Fees and cannot release any dog without prior payment or by arrangement with the Authority responsible for the dog.

West Lancs: £55.00 within 24 hours of the dog being seized. An additional charge of £10.00 will be made each day after that up to day 7 from the day the dog was seized.

This is paid at Leigh Dogs & Cats Home. Proof of identification with the owner’s name and current address must be provided by the claimant. If the microchip is registered elsewhere then proof of ownership must be provided. Failure to provide satisfactory ID or proof of ownership may delay returning of the dog.

All Councils may make an additional charge for any dog which is classed as a ‘repeat offender’ or was collected in extraordinary circumstances.