As you probably know, from 6th April this year it will be required by Law that all dogs are microchipped.

We see a lot of found dogs here and we have noticed that more dogs are getting microchipped but sadly there are still many that have not been and a large percentage of those that have been microchipped have out of date keeper details registered to them.

Last year alone we microchipped around 1200 dogs. This includes dogs that we microchipped prior to being rehomed and those that were done when they were collected by their owners after being picked up by a warden. We also helped many more owners to re-register out of date details on their microchips.

If your dog is not microchipped or has incorrect keeper details registered to it after 6th April you are liable to be fined up to £500.00. 

All dogs from 8 weeks of age will have to be microchipped and correctly registered. There are no exceptions other than an official exemption provided by a Veterinary Surgeon for health reasons. This will need to be on an official form.

If your dog is incorrectly registered you are welcome to call us for advice on updating your details.

If your dog still needs microchipping then all vets will usually offer this service. We can microchip your pet for £12.50.

During February and March we will be offering microchipping for just £5.00 to try and encourage people to get ready before the Law comes in. Anybody collecting a stray dog will be offered this Free of Charge.