Case Study – Microchipping Part 2!

We thought it would be interesting to share the current situation with found dogs and microchips so that there is some understanding as to what Dog Wardens and shelters are up against and see how this changes over the coming months.

Example: West Lancs area

In March this year there were 11 dogs seized by the wardens.

Out of 11 dogs, 7 were microchipped.

Out of 7 microchipped dogs, only 3 had some up to date owner information registered.

Compared to last month this is clearly not a huge improvement but since compulsory microchipping is now here we will see what difference this makes to April’s figures.

If your dog is not microchipped yet do not panic but it is the LAW so take action now and take them to your vet or have it done here for £12.50.