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WIND! With the wind so bad at the moment please take 5 minutes to check your gates and fences are secure! If your dog gets picked up by a Dog Warden it will cost at least £55.00 to get them back…….surely a quick walk round the garden would be better?!

How to check for lost dogs

We have had a few people reporting missing dogs who have not come down to the Home to check because of the weather! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you have lost a dog come down and check the kennels for yourself. We will always take a lost report and you can check the pictures on the website but for your own peace of mind if nothing else come and check WITHIN A WEEK of them going missing. We are open every day from 11.30! Please remember, although we prefer dogs to go back to their previous owners, we are only obliged BY LAW to keep stray dogs for 7 days, after which ownership passes to us and previous owners have no claim on them

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

As you will see from our “Dogs For Adoption” page we do get a lot of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and that type of dog in. These type of dogs can make brilliant pets in the right home but because of the amount we have in and keep getting as strays we have had to stop accepting Bull Terrier type dogs for rehoming. We do apologise to anybody genuinely trying to find a home for these dogs and as soon as the situation changes we will update this page.